RETREAT FOR WHOLNESS, Öråkers Gård ~ October 28-31

The first feeling when I entered Öråkers gård was “wholeness”. There is a grounded, motherly and warm “feeling at home” energy to this place that makes it a perfect container for reconnecting with ourselves and mother earth. In a world that can seem more divided and separate than ever, it is a beautiful thing to come together with like hearted women and share experiences, feelings, heart space, energy work, conversations and nourishing meals.


Welcome to 4 days of sacred support for reconnecting to the true essence of yourself and to become more aligned and whole. During this retreat Sanna will be your space holder and healing facilitator, read more about Sanna here. This retreat is created with the intention to facilitate transformation on all levels; mentally, emotionally, and physically. We will give attention to the spirit, the soul and the body, to the conscious, unconscious and subconscious parts of ourselves. We will tap into the patterning and clear the discordance that is ready to be released. What is ready to be activated within you will be activated. We will work through ourselves, the group, Mother earth and the Universal energies. Most importantly, you will be met where you are and with what you are open to share and transform.


We will work in concert with the elements; gathering around the fire, enjoy walks in nature and (for the strong hearted) a dip in the lake. The food and drinks are an important part of this retreat, both for joy and pleasure and for reconnecting with the body and Mother earth. We will enjoy yoga sessions to integrate, stretch and keep the flow in the body. We will allow the Alchemy crystal singing bowls to relax our mind and bring us to our subconscious and the Shaman drum to reconnect us even stronger to our own soul and Mother Earth. The retreat for wholeness offers an environment where you can feel safe and where all your senses will be attended to. There will be space for conversations, contemplation, reflection, and integration. We will have the whole house to ourselves during the entire stay.

This Retreat will open you up to


  • reconnect and deepen your contact with yourself
  • get a deeper connection with a group of like-hearted women
  • accelerate your physical, emotional, and spiritual growth and healing with simple but powerful energy work
  • deepen your understanding of your patterning and how to increase your freedom from within
  • become clearer of your own truth and live more in alignment with it
  • develop a closer relationship to the elements and mother earth
  • nourish yourself on a deeper level

  • The Retreat includes

    • 4 days / 3 nights accommodation, single or shared room in a spacious and cozy setting
    • Highly nutritious and delicious plant based meals; 3 dinners, 3 lunches, 3 breakfasts with fika light snacks in between the meals, tea and coffee. Vegan and gluten-free options are always provided, and food restrictions are accommodated.
    • Nature walks in beautiful surroundings
    • Dip in the lake with a warming Sauna
    • 4  guided transformational energy sessions, yoga practice, 1 sound healing, 1 drum journey
    • Full support and guidance throughout the retreat experience
    • One post-retreat Zoom call, to share experience and ask questions after the retreat


Nourishing, delicious and grounding plant-based food and drinks will be served all the way through this retreat. The food and drinks are an important part of the whole, both for joy and pleasure and for reconnecting us with our bodies and to Mother earth.


Holistic chef and Kitchen healer Anna Synnesvedt from Betula Vita will be using her special gift to create high vibrant meals, partly by using vegetables grown on Öråkers Gård by cooperative farming “Hela Jorden”. We will share 3 dinners, 3 lunches, 3 breakfasts and fika/light snacks in between the meals. Water, tea, and coffee will be available at all times. Vegan and gluten-free options are easy to accommodate, after booking your spot you will be asked to share if you have any allergies or food restrictions. Read more about Anna here.


Öråker’s manor is situated 35 km north west of Stockholm. In its current form it was built in the early 1790s. Today it is a well-preserved manor house environment with a main building on three floors and two nearby wings. The house has a warm atmosphere and beautifully decorated rooms where old country style meets modern feeling. There are large living areas with space for togetherness, rest and activity both indoors and outdoors.


The manor house has a beautiful view of Lake Mälaren and is located in the heart of a living family farm and a cooperative farming set up called Hela Jorden, read more here. At Öråkers Gård they actively work with the environment and their care for the earth can really be felt, read more about Öråkers Gård here. We will have the whole house to ourselves the entire stay.



In the mansion there are 15 beds spread over 9 bedrooms. There are both separate and shared rooms. All rooms are very warm, welcoming and spacious, there is a shared bathroom for all rooms. Bed linens are included in the price. We will check in 14.00 on Thursday October 28, and we will check out Sunday October 31 at 15.00. The price of this 4-day retreat is including everything except for your trip back and forth to Öråkers Gård; transformational energy work, sound healing, yoga practice, wholesome local sourced plant-based food and alcohol free drinks, 3 nights accommodation in spacious rooms, walks in nature, sauna and the opportunity to meet new friends. All prices include VAT.


– Room 1. Separate room (1 big bed, 140-180cm) 8.850 kr
– Room 2. Shared room (2 beds, 90 cm) 8.450 kr
– Room 3. Shared room (4 beds, 90 cm) 8.250 kr

This retreat is intended for you who are open to transformation, are no stranger to energy work and have created space in your life for your personal development. You are open to receive inspiration, but you are also aware that only you have the keys to your own path. Note that there will be a gentle and grounding dog (my beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback Simbi) with us during the retreat. She assists me with the energy work and have helped a lot of people with their fear of dogs, if you have any allergies take her presence into account. Book your spot at this retreat by sending an email to with your contact details, I will send you an invoice and when the invoice is fully payed you have booked your spot. Please read the cancellation och refund policy below before booking.


When you have booked your spot you will receive a confirmation and questions about any food allergies you might have and if you have any preference for whom to share room with (if you have payed for a shared room). You will also receive some points of reflections to prepare for the retreat, suggestions on what to bring, more detailed schedule and timings together with direction of how to get to Öråkers Gård. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them via email to


Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please note that your spot is only guaranteed when the deposit payment is registered at Bodhish. Reimbursement can only be made in the event of injury or illness upon presentation of a medical certificate. Final payment is due September 25th at the latest.


In case of full payment and cancellation, 50% of your payment will be refundable up until September 25, after that day full payment will be charged and non-refundable. Reimbursement can only be made in the event of injury or illness upon presentation of a medical certificate.


In case of the Retreat guide Sanna of any reason need to cancel due to illness or not enough participants, full refund will be issued. For more information or any specific questions, email to