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A time to let go and travel within with the healing vibration and soothing sound of Harp. This workshop is a practice of Harp Therapy which is an ancient art and a healing modality in which the soothing sound of harp creates a sonic cradle that brings healing and harmony. Both by listening and feeling the vibration of Harp, you will experience the Celtic Circle which is a combination of ancient modal music that works based on the principle of sacred geometry. The intention of this event is to create deep relaxation, harmony, and healing moments.


We will start the afternoon with a short-guided meditation from Sanna (Bodhish) leading you down in a peaceful and receiving state to receive the healing vibration of Amir and his Harp. You will be laying down on a soft yoga mat, tucked in a warm blanket and allow the vibrations of the harp to fill your being and take you on your own sound healing journey. The event will be held in English. If you have any questions do not hesitate to send them to info@bodhish.com.

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