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Mother Earth is in a state of deep transition, and so are we. This year has given us the opportunity to explore our inner balance. We have been able to see how we react when our foundations are shaken and when we step into the unknown, all very valuable gifts. When both the inner and outer worlds are changing, some form of support to keep or find our inner balance is valuable.


It is my belief that we are the creators of our life and being in alignment is a key to the process of creation. When what we believe, feel and do are aligned, new doors will open. The more aligned we are, the better we can handle challenges in our life.


This journey will support you to consciously create a solid base for a year in balance and flow. We will work visionary, energetically and action-orientated from where you are right now. The intention of this journey is to enable you to create the best of foundations for an aligned 2021.


  • We will use 2020 as a starting point for tuning into what energy you want more of in the coming year and what patterns you are ready to let go of.
  • You will be guided through a stepwise process to get insight on what your keys to alignment are, and what areas in your life that are most important to you the coming year.
  • You will be invited to dive deeper into each area to discover what challenges and opportunities you have and set your intentions for the coming year within each area.
  • Finally, you will develop your own unique tool for balance, find your own way of working with it on a daily basis.


We will meet via Zoom on 3 occasions. You will be given tasks to work with between our sessions and you will also receive a meditation to work with during and after the journey.
Timing: 3 sessions during January and February will be booked after registering.