Bodhish – a space for play

Early days at the Bodhish space

I still remember the morning, when I woke up with the clear remembrance of a dream showing me a physical space with books. I had never seriously considered an alternative path to my Brand strategy consulting, and certainly not one revolving around a physical space and books. Still that dream shifted everything. Little did I know how deeply seeded that vison was in my soul and little did I know the shifts that was needed to manifest that seed into physical reality. Some of us search for a purpose, and some of us are given (or in essence create for ourselves) a clear vision or purpose very early on. The lessons on the path are always perfect for each soul. My experience has been the latter, to see a vision crystally clear even though I had no idea of what it really meant or how to get there. The search for a space started early on. My Jupitarian and Sagittarian qualities serves me in easily seeing great expansive possibilities, at times these qualities have led me to learn some valuable lesson about letting go, trust, faith, and the importance of embodiment. 

After some years on my journey of self-discovery I understood that the energy I received in 2012 was to be anchored in a physical space and that this was the purpose of the space. The intention was to create a portal for New Earth through discovering who we really are with the energy that supports alignment, reconnection and transformation. When I found the physical space at Borgmästargatan, I remember my higher self whispered in my ear that this space was “for play” and that I could do the journey with Bodhish fun and playful, or I could do it with struggle and hardship. Making somewhat of a closure for this phase I would say I have done it with both playfulness and hardship. 

When creating the space everything was infused with this energy and intention. There was no way of pushing the different steps, just to be with each step fully. I have had some amazing co-creators on the way, not only the interior designer, florists, photographers, illustrators, carpenters, kitchen healers/creators and space holders but also every single person visiting Bodhish adding their codes and energies to the space. Thank you to all of you, from the bottom of my heart. At the time when I found the space, this energy had embodied me from my mind/spirit, through my throat down to my heart. The journey with Bodhish has helped me to embody the energy fully – all the way down to my feet into earth and up again. I no longer need a space to hold this energy, even though a new space is welcome in the right setting and timing. 

It has been so amazing to observe how people experience the energy, some unconscious and some very conscious. The energy is not for everyone and has attracted the people that it is meant for. It has been a magical selection of people entering the doors of Bodhish, each one in their divine timing. That stroke of magic has been so wonderful to be part of, and the beauty I have experienced in all these meetings have really opened my heart and strengthened my faith in humanity and the universe. The heart and soul have always been the core of Bodhish and to be able to see how people awake, transform, reconnect and find new friends through this space and energy has been the greatest gift of all.

Even though I have never felt a strong attachment to the creation itself, the decision of letting this space go has not been an easy one. Since spring I have felt waves of excitement for a new beginning and waves of sentimentality for the vision and dream that I carried for such a long time now is shifting. Since my journeys to Egypt I have really felt something big shifting in me, more of a descension than an ascension, and first and foremost a reconnection to the excitement to be here in this body living this life. Big parts of my work excite me, but I also want to have time and space for discovering what excites me outside of my service.

This weekend before turning over the keys to the next guardian of the space, I was so beautifully shown at the Wholeness Retreat that the Bodhish energy will follow wherever I go, and that the perfect alignment of lovely souls will continue to flow into the work, no matter where I am. I left the keys to the space with pride and love for what I have co-created and excitement for what is to come. There might be a new space waiting, but in the meantime, I will continue to offer sessions, mentorships, guided group alignment/meditations/attunements and journeys online. I am offering my gifts and experience to help others open and anchor their own portals within their working space. I feel a strong calling to work more with the earth, so I am already creating more retreats and new forms and formats that wants to be manifested. I look forward to seeing you on my continued journey of Self-Discovery.

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