Life will teach us about who we are, even if we do not consciously choose to go into that kind of questions. Some of us will never make a conscious choice of self-discovery while here on earth. Reading this, you are most likely one of those who will.


It is difficult to find a universal definition of self-discovery, as it is such a rich and individual experience. Self-discovery can involve finding an answer to the following types of questions: Who am I beyond my family or tribal role, the role I had when growing up? Who am I beyond the labels I have today, as a father, a sister, a son, a manager, an athlete, a teacher, a nurse? Who am I beyond the stories and the past? Who would I be if I were to live freely, led by my heart and soul, what would I create? What is my purpose in this life?

The journey of self-discovery can also involve closer connection and communication with the different parts of yourself: the body, the mind, the heart and the soul. Can you feel what you are feeling? Have you experienced a silent mind? Do you trust your body to tell you what you need? Do you recognize when your ego drives your actions? Do you notice when you enter the state of fear? How does your soul sound? How open is your heart? What part of yourself do you most often listen to; can you separate the different parts of you?


Once someone has started the journey of self-discovery, they rarely turn back. Even though the journey includes both highs and lows, going through fears, laughter, tears, release, tough decisions and pure bliss, the gifts are so beautiful that most continue on their journey without looking back. After a while you start to see the gifts in what initially was defined as “darkness” – the gifts of transforming heavy energy into light and love.

I am so grateful for taking that first step into the unknown. Since that day, I have never stopped walking my path, not because my mind tells me to go on, not because I should, or because I want to be brave, I am walking my path because the experiences of following the heart are so rich and so beautiful. It is not about being in a constant state of happiness, it is about feeling more, seeing more, living more and not being afraid of failure, pain or disappointment. It is about the experience of bliss and being more filled with love and energy each day, it is about abundance and freedom. I would not change my experience for anything.



Life is energy, and energy is life. We are made out of it; we use it every day, we want it, we feel it, we need it, we lack it, we take it and we give it. Energy is in everyone and everywhere. Some of us are more sensitive to feeling changes and different forms of energy than others. A big part of discovering yourself is to learn how to manage your own energy.

Sometimes we have a surplus of energy, sometimes we are drained. Most of us have been in a physical place that feels uncomfortable or low vibrating, or subjected to an “energy thief” that left us feeling exhausted and empty. Is something actually taken from us in those situations – or are we simply being provided with information on how to better manage our energy?

We all have experienced fear at some point, and often the experience leave us very tired. The fears we refer to can be all kinds of fear; fear of expressing our opinion, fear to be seen, fear of abandonment, fear of making mistakes, fear of being caged or fear of not being loved. Fear works as a blockage of our energy. Releasing blockages is a vital part of becoming who you really are. It also enables you to hold more energy in your system.

We are born with different energy structures, and no structure is better than the other, we simply have different designs. First, we have to understand our own design, then we can start managing our energy. You will find your own unique way of mastering yourself.


Many of you have already started your journey, and some of you have come far. Some of you are standing on the edge, something inside of you is calling for attention. There is an emptiness and a hunger that seems to be difficult to sooth. Part of you wants to jump and part of you is holding back. Know that the right time will come for an opening and that you will do the journey your own way. Self-discovery is a process of many layers, each layer requiring different methods of clearing.

Using a combination of methods and tools is often what most of us end up doing, we simply need different things at different stages of the journey. There are no wrongs or rights, only different journeys. Bodhish wishes to offer inspiration on how to open your heart, follow your inner voice and the callings of your soul. Sometimes we are hungry for connection with likeminded people, sometimes we want to do the learning and growing on our own. Just listen to your inner guidance, you already know.

If I could have felt beforehand what I have felt during my journey of discovering myself, I would not have hesitated one second. But just like anything in life, we have to take the risk of stepping out into the unknown before having the experience. We have to walk through that fear of not knowing, not being able to control. And then do it again, and again, and again.