ESSENTIALLY YOU – a journey for aligning spirit, soul and body

No matter if we have a soft and slow or a dramatic realization that we are not only a physical person limited to this dimension, sooner or later we will encounter the phase of self-discovery, the phase of really getting to know ourselves and through that reconnect to our original blueprint – our essence, unique flavor and expression. A phase to learn how to manage our energy, to align and embody our spirit and soul. I have created this online journey from the knowing that I would have loved to take part in something like this during the most challenging parts of my own journey of Self-discovery that started 12 years ago. During the 8 weeks I will present a structure including my most important teachings, experiences and learnings. My structure has the sole purpose of inspiring you to create/modify your own structure and foundation by awakening your inner wisdom.


It is my belief that we are the creators of our life and being in alignment is a key to the process of creation and to the state of harmony. When what we believe, feel and do are aligned, new doors open. The more aligned we are, the better we can handle challenges in our life. We become the director of our life, instead of a passive actor. This is where my greatest passion lies, to hold space for the journey of Self-discovery and alignment. Learn more about me here.

”When what we believe, feel and do are aligned, new doors open. The more aligned we are, the better we can handle challenges in our life”


I invite you to an 8-week online journey starting after Autumn Equinox on Sep 22. We will gather at Zoom live 2h every other week during 8 weeks. The weeks we do not gather live a recorded video and an aligning guided meditation will be sent to you, along with your weekly assignments. We will walk through 4 different phases of the journey: the sprit, the soul, the body and finally the essence and alignment, we will dedicate 2 weeks for each phase. We will close the circle on the last day of the 8 weeks.


I will be sharing my perspectives on a range of areas connected to alignment, e.g. different levels of consciousness, the elements, the auric field, the chakras, the greatness of the soul, the importance of embracing both the light and the dark, the feminine and masculine, the importance of embodiment and so much more. All sharings have the purpose of awakening your innate wisdom and inspire you to discover for yourself. There will be a lot of room for self-discovery through exercises, journaling, meditation and energetic transmissions for insights, alignments and activations. We will work vibrational, energetically, physically and action-orientated from where you are right now. There will be an opportunity to share experiences in a separate community forum. Important guiding stars during the journey will be the balance between our feminine and masculine energy, as well as the balance between heaven and earth.

  • 5 live gatherings à 2 hours on Zoom (these will be recorded and possible to use as long as you want)
  • 4 pre-recorded videos for guidance and inspiration
  • 8 pre-recorded guided meditations, activations and alignments
  • Tools to raise your vibration, manage and balance your own energy and embodiment
  • Exercises for self-discovery of spirit, soul and body
  • Assignments to work with between our group gatherings
  • Opportunity to ask questions to Sanna during the 8 weeks
  • An held space for alignment during 2 months
  • Be part of a group of like-hearted people who can support each other both during the journey and after


The more active you are, the more you will get out of this journey. All participants will be in different places, some will be in the beginning of their journey of Self-discovery while others have been traveling the path for some time. A diverse group is welcomed and beautiful for the group dynamics.



  • with a framework for alignment for you to customize and develop to your own needs
  • to dive deeper into your journey of self-discovery and reconnect to your own essence
  • gain a better understanding of the different aspects of yourself and how they connect
  • to open your heart and reconnect deeper with your soul and intuition
  • to increase the trust in yourself
  • to access more of yourself
  • to awaken your inner wisdom
  • to live life in more alignment and greater flow
  • to increased balance and harmony in everyday life


First and foremost this journey is for you who can hear or feel the calling, that is always the best guide. “Essentially you” is a journey for you who have come to realize that we are not only a physical body, that we are limitless and multidimensional, you are ready to create space for your personal development. You feel energies and have started walking the journey of self-discovery. You are open to receive inspiration but you are also aware that only you have the keys to your path.


“Essentially you” is not for you who are not yet ready to set aside time and presence for the scheduled gatherings or the assigments that are distributed between the gatherings (2-3h per week).  If you have any questions about “Essentially you” do not hesitate to share them with

Sep 23, 7 pm - 9 pm

Oct 7, 7 pm - 9 pm

Oct 21, 7 pm - 9 pm

Nov 4, 7 pm - 9 pm

Nov 18, 7 pm - 9 pm