Welcoming 2020

2019 has really been a year of embodiment, both by manifesting what has been brewing on the inside for a long time, but also by getting foundations and structures in place. Putting the basement of the building in order, so that it can take off and grow in a solid and abundant way. This has certainly been the case for Bodhish, I can see the foundation and also the contours of what she wants to become in terms of energy activations, attunements, community gatherings and co-creation in different forms.

What a wonderful finish of 2019, Since the end of December I have felt like a bear resting in its nest: I had an immense need of stillness and to be fully immersed in earthly matters, like nesting in my new home, eating good, spending a lot of time in nature. This morning I woke up feeling a new flavor of happy and I suddenly felt ready to step out of my nest. Luckily the sun is greeting me with her light and warmth.

2019 has also been a year of huge transformation and rebirth for me personally, and for many in my surroundings. A lot of goodbye´s, but also a lot of magnificent hellos. I do believe we all are becoming masters in letting go and going with the flow, the energies at this time are simply forcing us to become the masters that we are.

The feeling is that a lot of us got a close up on our “life theme” this year, and we are being served to see both how beautiful we have become and where we still can grow. All orchestrated by our higher self. From where I have been standing, I would not describe the energies as gentle, rather forthcoming and forceful, guiding us to take the next step on our journey. However, I do believe this is the best way to travel, better to tear off a patch quickly than make it a slow and painful process.

We are now inviting a shining new decade. Feeling into the 2020 energies it is the feeling of “wow”, wow like in amazingly powerful and exciting, but also wow like in gosh I better buckle up and stay focused in keeping my feet on the ground. This roller coaster is of a new kind, and it is not kidding around. For the embodiment to fully take place within us, we are being asked and guided to go really deep. Where we still have healing to do, this will be shown. The saying “You can´t stop the waves but you can learn to surf” comes to mind, and I do believe that Self Care will we be an even greater teacher this year.

On the other hand, the feeling is that the 2020 energy will serve us with this great space, a space that can bring us new levels of truths and clarity, expansion and also work as a golden container of creation. There is also a feeling of great freedom that comes with 2020 and this new decade that I am very curious to experience. So welcome 2020 with all that you have to offer!

Thank you all for this rich and heartful year. Wishing you every one of you love, clarity, joy, creativity, expansion and bountiful experiences in 2020 and beyond.