About meditation

Benefits of meditation. Meditation is a way to strengthen your connection to yourself. Meditation is a way of grounding and reconnect both to the earth and your higher self. Meditation is a way of accepting and letting go of sticky thoughts, feelings or energies that no longer is useful to you, or that was not even yours to begin with. When letting go of all that is not you, everything gets both easier and clearer. Meditation also brings perspective on life, you gain new perspectives of things that seemed impossible or difficult. You gain new insights on who you are, what you need and inspiration on how to fulfil your own needs. A meditative state will re-charge and refill your whole being, a natural effect on you being in your own energy.


Find your form of meditation. We all have different designs, for some of us a meditative state comes naturally and for some of us it takes some effort and training to get there. Luckily there are a lot of different techniques to reach a meditative state. Maybe you need some movement to reach the stillness inside, maybe you need a lot of space and silence and find that while walking in the woods, maybe you are drawn to mindfulness, a yoga/mantra meditation or a meditation with body scanning. You will be drawn to what suit you best in this time.


Group meditation. To join a group meditation can be very helpful both if you are new to meditation and also for advanced meditators who seeks new dynamics for more in-depth experiences. The multitude, the dynamics and the strength of a group energy is very helpful. In a group the ripple effects are also very valuable, your breakthrough can mean an opening for someone else. We support and reflect each other. And the composition of a group is never a coincidence.


Group meditation at Bodhish. At Bodhish we offer group meditations in form of Self discovery evenings. Self discovery evenings usually take place on the evening of a full or a new moon. We use a very simple meditation technique where all participants sit on a chair with both feet on the ground and closed eyes. You will be guided into meditation by Sanna Karlsson (founder of Bodhish) with background music playing for elevating the frequency. After the meditation there will be an opportunity to share the experience for those feeling called to do so. The process of Self discovery evenings is very organic, there might be a shared intuitive message for the group, at times Sanna will guide someone who is open and ready to go through a healing process, usually that process will benefit the whole group. The guided meditation will be held in Swedish. For upcoming Self discovery evenings look here.