My journey – Sanna, founder of Bodhish

My short name “Sanna” means true in Swedish, and the search of my own truth has been a red thread throughout my life. I have always had a free spirit living in me, and I remember my childhood in different types of ambiances and atmospheres, highly sensitive, introvert and strong minded, I was not an easy child to understand – even to myself. Growing up I started out walking the “linear path” doing what I thought was expected of me, focusing on the mind and the logic and for a while abandoning my sensitivity and creativity. Even though I was unaware and closed down, looking back I can see how my intuition and inner guidance still made everything so much easier for me, even in the arena of career and business. After a while my closed state started to create a big emptiness and a growing frustration in my being. My awakening started alongside my father’s passing, I felt his soul leaving his body, leaving a shell of his bodily form. His passing started a huge process inside of me, leading me to my own awakening. He did not only give me one life, in his passing he gave me a new life.

The decision and dedication. Since the day I decided to open up, the stream of guides and gifts have been abundant on my path. I believe that the decision and dedication to open up, to find our path and to grow into what we are here to be, is the most important factor on the journey of Self Discovery. First comes the decision, then the process.

The awakening. In the first phase I awakened to myself and my gifts, I learned how to communicate with my higher self and my guides.The gifts, the energy of love and the signs were magnificent, like falling in love and discovering a new world or dimension so much greater than anything I had experienced before. 

The clearings. It soon became clear to me that the spiritual world is no different than the world I was used to; the label of the world you are perceiving is irrelevant, it will mirror you in all of your aspects. The mirroring is always there for your own benefit – so that you have the possibility to clear all that needs to be cleared in order to become more of you, more love. Along with all the beautiful gifts and meetings, came the processing of old wounds and blockages. In the beginning it was deep and tough, both physically and emotionally challenging, sometimes involving months of crying. After a while, and along the rising frequencies, the process got easier, it became a rhythm of its own; insight – acceptance – forgiveness – release – expansion. Today this is an integral part of my life. I learned to listen to myself and my own signals. How does it feel when my mind is in overdrive? How does it feel when the ego is getting uncomfortable and the fears are rising? How does it feel when my body is lacking energy – and what fills me up? How does it feel when my heart is open? Where are the different processes going on in my system? In what layer, in the physical body, emotional body, mental body or in the etheric body? What chakra is blocked? I got to be a student of my own growth – and I still am. 

The tools. For me shamanism, kundalini yoga and my own spiritual practice in forms of channeling, meditation, group energy work and inner journeys have been the major tools on my journey. Alongside my practices I have welcomed crystals & stones, essential oils, books, journaling, painting, music, dancing, nature and animals as great enablers and supporting tools. My feeling is that new tools are on the way alongside the rising frequencies, so let’s be open to what comes, to new tools for us to use, play and grow with. The most important insight for me is that this journey is not about a secret mystical corridor only open for a few, the journey is open to us all and we choose the tools that feels right for our own journey. In the end It´s all about change, turning the shadows into light and being the change, you want to see in the world.

The silence. After the awakening phase I had a long period of much needed stillness and silence. I dare to say that there will be no deep healing and growth without silence and stillness. And by that, I mean either a long period of stillness and silence, or a regular practice of it, preferably both. How will you ever be able to hear your own inner voice, and heart, without actually listening?

The observer. When you arrive at the point of finding your observer, you have come far. The observer is that space that enables reflection in the moment. For example: While anger is rising in me, I can simultaneously notice what is happening and connect to the anger’s root cause and find out what the trigger is in this situation. This space allows us to shortcut the impulse, and if not stop it, at least be able to reflect upon it shortly afterwards and learn from it.

The energy of Bodhish. I experienced the first meeting with what I call the “Bodhish energy” in 2012. The energy has an “activating-calm” effect on most people, a way of centering us but simultaneously inspire us. The energy also has a way of planting “soul seeds” in people, seeds that act as reminders of your soul purpose in this life. With nourishment and love these seeds will blossom into the most radiant flowers over time. Right now I am in the process of anchoring the Bodhish energy in the space, and every person joining me on this journey are giving their contribution, adding their flavour in the anchoring process. My journey continues together with Bodhish and I am looking forward to the next step.

I am. Labelling in this kind of work is in itself a contradiction. The less labels you carry, the more you can be what you are meant to be. At the same time labels and descriptions help bridge the understanding between people, so here it goes: I am an energy intuitive, a healing facilitator and a space holder. During a session with me I will be your mirror. By using my combination of gifts, I will intuitively guide you forward in the relevant areas of your life. I will invite you to see your life path with new perspectives and more clarity. When needed, I will guide you through a healing process helping you release blockages or fear that hinders your path forward. The intention is that you will leave the session with awakened knowledge of yourself and your own gifts and a deeper connection to yourself. I truly believe that we have all the knowledge we need inside of us, at times we just need someone to help us awaken them from within. To read more about one to one session, read here.