The intention

My name is Sanna. I am on my journey of Self-discovery, sharing what I have been able to transcend and create on my path. Bodhish is a mirror of my ever changing journey. Bodhish’ intention is to be an inspiration on your journey of self-discovery, by providing energy, tools and a network of people that can support you on your journey. We wish to offer a space where you can balance and refuel both body, mind, heart and soul.  A space for serenity, reflection, insight and new encounters.

The space

Bodhish is a space for you to discover. Bodhish is a space for self-discovery. The physical location is at Borgmästargatan 4, at Södermalm in Stockholm. Bodhish is more than a physical place to meet, it is also an energy and an atmosphere. It is our priority to hold and develop the energy in the space – creating space for you. For scheduled gatherings, journeys, go here.

The journey

We are on a journey with Bodhish. Both on our individual paths, but also on a joint path of creating, expanding, nourishing and supporting Bodhish as an energy. For us this is a new way of creating, with personal growth and challenges on the way. So, thank you for helping us to create just by reading this or joining us energetically or live at our location. Let´s do this journey with ourselves – and together. Read more about the journey of the founder, Sanna Karlsson, here.

The name

Bodhi is a Sanskrit word, traditionally translated into awakening – rising above thought. We believe that there isn’t only one way, but so many beautiful ways to awake, to rise above thought, to open the heart and discover who you truly are. We want to offer inspiration for this journey of self-discovery in a multitude of ways – Bodhish.


Borgmästargatan 4a, 116 29 Stockholm, Sweden


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