Metamorphose in-depth; The spirit


An in-depth gathering where we will make a deep dive into the energy and the journey of Self-Discovery. The intention is to work with alignment as a base, so there will be a day for the Body, a day for the Soul and a day for the Spirit. We will gather at Bodhish 10 am – 5 pm this Sunday. Tea and snacks is included in the price.

The day for the Spirit: Feb 21 10 am-5 pm

Investment: 1550 kr for each day separately

To participate in the Metamorphose in-depth, you must have undergone the Metamorphosis transformation journey.

Space: Bodhish



Please note that place is guaranteed only when payment is registered with Bodhish. The booking for workshops, events, sessions or trainings at Bodhish is binding. Bookings are made through the Bodhish website or at Reimbursement can only be made in case of injury or illness with presentation of medical certificates.


Bokad plats av workshops, event, session eller utbildningar är bindande. Bokning görs via Bodhish hemsida eller till Observera att plats är garanterad först när betalning registrerats hos Bodhish. Vid frånvaro utgår full debitering. Återbetalning kan endast ske vid skada eller sjukdom mot uppvisande av läkarintyg.


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