Time:  May 27, 19.00-21.30
Space: Bodhish, Borgmästargatan 4, Södermalm Stockholm
Spots: 12


With a growing number of ways to disconnect these days, reconnecting with ourselves feels more important than ever. It feels safe to say that, as human beings we not only crave connection,  we need connection. A part of us, whether it’s galactic or as minute as a cell, desires nearness with Another, with Source, with our Ancestors, with Nature, and eventually, with Ourselves.Our way of connecting with Another, Source, our Ancestors and Nature is a mirror of our connection with Ourselves.

As someone who carries an old spoken narrative of forgiven, but never forgotten self sabotage, Michelle understands that developing a connection with oneself can often be much easier to intellectualize than to feel, but it’s really not until we arrive into that feeling state that we’re able to full understand what it truly means to connect with ourselves. Much like self love, it’s often a concept that’s ever present but often neglected and seldom remembered. For Sanna, the connection to herself has developed from a lot of stillness and connection to nature, and of course releasing what’s in-between “myself and I’“.

The practice of Breathwork has gifted so many, graciously, with a connection to parts of oneself that we might have never realized were offline. It has helped so many to begin healing the relationship with their bodies and who they really are. That connection alone has been the most rewarding endeavor. That connection, to oneself, can feel for many like their first honest experience with Self Love.



Together Sanna and Michelle will create an atmosphere that leaves you feeling generously held and deeply nourished. Through meditation you will be guided to land within the safe confines of your body; while breathwork will assist you in clearing old wounds, outdated stories, and stagnant energy and create space for healing to take place. During the gathering, you will also be supported by the magic of flowers, a carefully chosen blend of essential oils, and the warmth of candle light. At the end we’ll gather together in a circle for sharing where you’ll be welcomed to enjoy a warm herbal tonic paired with a delicious offering from Erika Billysdotter. The event will be held in English.

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