Time:  4 dec, kl 18.30-20.30
Space: Bodhish, Borgmästargatan 4, Södermalm Stockholm
Spots: 13


This three-hour gathering is an offering for you to create a deeper connection and relationship with yourself and The Art of Receiving.

In a world where giving a hand is more often prioritized, maybe even idealized, than asking for one, we feel like giving ourselves permission to Receive is essential for us to take the next step in our growth.


We feel that one of the biggest assignments we have is to allow ourselves to Receive, not only from others, but from ourselves. We have heard time and time again to fill our own cup before we give of ourselves and to put our own oxygen mask on before another’s, but even though we can intellectually understand this, what is it that keeps us from actually doing it? That answer will indeed vary from human to human, but what we do believe is true for all of us is that learning to Receive is rooted in honest Self Compassion. We also believe that a blockage in Receiving can so often create a stagnation in the flow of authentic Feminine energy.


We feel so strongly that creating this cocoon for you to Receive Yourself can offer you the ability to create an even deeper understanding and more profound connection to the relationship between you and you. Together Sanna and Michelle will create an atmosphere that leaves you feeling generously held and deeply nourished. Through meditation you will be guided to land within the safe confines of your body; while breathwork will assist you in clearing old wounds, outdated stories, and stagnant energy and create space for healing to take place. During the gathering, you will also be supported by the magic of flowers, a carefully chosen blend of essential oils, and the warmth of candle light. At the end we’ll gather together in a circle for sharing where you’ll be welcomed to enjoy a warm herbal tonic paired with a delicious offering from Erika of Front Raw. All food & drink is plant based, organic and free from refined sugar and gluten. This event will be held in English.


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