You are your key

Each and every second we choose our life, we might not always perceive it as we have a choice, but on some level, there is always a choice, and we make that choice, conscious or subconscious. The knowledge that we hold our own power and that we are our own master can both be frightening and exhilarating. Our human ego can feel anxiety when we become aware of that the power of our life lies in our own hands, often because we are afraid of making the “wrong” choice and fail. Early on most of us learn that failure is something bad, but from a higher perspective there is no right and there is no wrong when choosing, there is no failure, it is all aspects and it is all potential learnings to grow from. What we call failure is there for us to realize that it is time to change direction.


Early on we learn to avoid all forms of hardship and difficult feelings, parents do their most to keep their children away from all forms of suffering. We create a monster from something that can be a gift, the gift of opening up and discover what a “failure” can teach us. By meeting the “hardship” we can learn what fears we are carrying, we can accept them and let them go, we can allow forgiveness and embrace the expansion of freedom and love that is possible after letting fears and blockages go.


The more we discover ourselves the smoother the ride becomes – that does not mean that the challenges will go away, that would be hindering our growth, but the journey becomes richer, softer and so much more enjoyable. You and only you have the key to your heart, your life path and your choices. We tend to search for the key everywhere and in everyone. We can get a lot of clues from everywhere and everyone but in the end it´s all about you, and most importantly it´s all about listening to yourself. You have the power.


Oprah formulate it so vivid and beautiful here

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  • Maren Ingeborg Gråblomst

    April 19, 2018at14:19 Reply

    Så sant og så vakkert Sanna. Skulle gjerne vært med på en gruppemeditasjon en gang, kanskje jeg får en reise til å passe med dette? Alt godt <3

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