Sometimes we just feel stuck in life, the same pattern keep repeating itself and we can´t see the path forward. Sometimes there is a feeling of emptiness and a hunger that seems to be difficult to sooth. Part of you wants to jump and part of you is holding back. In different phases and certain situations, we simply need help to see clearly, and a push to find our way back to our own path.


During the one to one session Sanna (founder of Bodhish) will be your mirror. By using her combination of gifts, she will intuitively guide you forward in the relevant areas of your life. She will invite you to see your life path with new perspectives and more clarity. When needed she will guide you through a healing process helping you release a blockage or fear that hinders your path forward. The intention is that you will leave the session with awakened knowledge of yourself, your own gifts and with a deeper connection to yourself. We have all the knowledge we need inside of us, at times we just need someone to help us awaken them from within. Read more about Sanna Karlsson (founder of Bodhish) here.


The one to one session run for 1,5 hours and the cost for a session is 1250 kr. For scheduling an appointment, please send an email to:


Time: 1,5 hours (approximately)
Location: Bodhish, Borgmästargatan 4, Stockholm